Tatyana 451959

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27 years
There is probably at least not one answer to the question why I decided to take a part. Now I work as a model (this is not my main work), I shoot for various projects and really love the process of creating a beautiful photo. But it wasn’t always like that. I was an ordinary girl at school with a full range of complexes and triple attention to me as for my opinion from the same ordinary children around me. Self-acceptance did not happen right away. I have come a long way in order to understand that everything is ok with me. The university made me fall in love and gave healthy competition among already sane young people, where I made good friends. I work a lot on myself now, because there is a special buzz in self-development. I got my favorite job, doing my favorite sport and enjoy the result - I like the former “I” much more than “I” in the past. This contest came to me by chance and I decided to try my luck and said: "Why not?"

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