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Beauty Contest Miss Delight Ukraine


Our Mission

One of the main goals for the organizers of Miss Delight Ukraine is the harmonization of internal and external beauty. Nowadays it’s not enough for a girl to be attractive in appearance; her inner beauty and fullness are also of great importance. The organizers and jury of the competition always take into account the education and social activity of each contestant. We help each participant to develop self-confidence and fall in love with herself. In our everyday life of great technologies and the fast pace of life, a woman has very little time left for herself. We wanted to bring a holiday to everyone's life and show that each one is worth applause and recognition. Love yourself and you will get a lot of attention! - is' our motto.


Contest History

The Miss Delight Ukraine competition was first held in 2017 in Nikolaev. The selection was carried out in 3 stages and more than 600 girls from all over Ukraine participated in the initial casting. According to the results of the two stages of selection, 30 participants reached the final, and brilliantly presented themselves during the two-days program of the competition. The winners received wonderful gifts and cooperation with well-known Ukrainian glossy magazines. A stunningly bright start marked the beginning of the annual Ukrainian beauty contest.

In 2018, following the trends, as well as in order to expand geography and explore new opportunities, the Miss Delight beauty contest was held in an online format.

We are pleased to present you the winners of Miss Delight 2018!

Miss Delight 2018: Zoryana, Pavlograd

Miss Adoration 2018: Olesia, Bila Tserkva

Miss Miracle 2018: Ekaterina, Krivoy Rog

Miss Talent 2018: Ekaterina, Nikolaev

And also we would like to tell you more about Miss Delight 2017.

Miss Delight Beauty Contest chose the brightest 30 ladies among 600
participants to compete for fairy title. And the battle was really severe!
All the ladies are very talented and their Talent Show was breathtaking!!!
You could never guess which talent the next beauty will show and which skills she might hide!
But beside their brilliant beauty, intelligence and plenty of talents, our ladies have very kind hearts and take
part in Veronikalove Charity projects.
Because love can save not only on words but also by actions!
On the 7th of September on the Eve of World Beauty Day Miss Delight Winners
were chosen!
Meet these astonishing beauties!
They have proved in a tensed battle that they are worth their titles!

Marina ID: 276799

Tatiana ID: 283923

Anastasia ID: 219570

Daria ID: 338958

Tatiana ID: 212414
We are very grateful to our Jury Team for their willingness and objectivity while judging our beauties, it was a hard job to
choose the most shining diamonds among others. So many details were to be taken into account, and the glory of
Ukrainian ladies could simply make blind, but they dealt with it!
Also we thank our amazing beautiful and witty Broadcast online commentator
Olga ID (215863)
for her sweet voice and smart comments. Olga also took part in Miss
Delight Semifinal Show and was the participant #24. She amazed everyone
with her English skills and as she did not get to the Final she was invited to
comment Online Broadcast in her nice witty way!
Meet all Miss Delight Contest Finalists!
(ID: 212414)
(ID: 283923)
(ID: 256412)
(ID: 276799)
(ID: 339928)
(ID: 176938)
(ID: 274597)
(ID: 177281)
(ID: 274654)
(ID: 277214)
(ID: 219535)
(ID: 215330)
(ID: 277211)
(ID: 331041)
(ID: 276370)
(ID: 255603)
(ID: 251076)
(ID: 207536)
(ID: 219788)
(ID: 343504)
(ID: 215133)
(ID: 276826)
(ID: 220521)
(ID: 215863)
(ID: 274863)
(ID: 222335)
(ID: 338958)
(ID: 263396)
(ID: 200732)
(ID: 219570)
We are waiting for you to visit our Beauty Contest Miss Delight 2018 next year!