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Krivoy Rog
31 years
My name is Tatyana. And because of my position as a project manager, a lot of travels, and maybe because I am such an extrovert, how many times have I had to talk about myself, my life, activities, hobbies, aspirations, undertakings, completions, books, watched films, witnessed sunrises, beautiful sunsets ... And I participate in "Miss Delight" beauty contest. I am a strong-willed and purposeful lady, I always want full self-realization, I always look for new opportunities, I always look for new acquaintances. This contest is another opportunity for me to experience positive emotions and express myself. I love beauty and everything connected with it in all its manifestations. I just love fitness, healthy eating, which I popularize on my profile on Instagram and Facebook, inspiring others. I'm enjoying life. I'm dreaming. I strive. And as V. Bury once said at one of the trainings, “Blame nobody. Expect nothing. Do something ”- and this is now the most accurate formulation of my life motto. And I love life. If emotions, then only with passion. If the colors, then only bright. Once in an interview I was asked: “Tatyana, what is happiness for you?” - and I began to sort out the moments, because it was happiness once to open my eyes after a car accident, and on a normal foggy morning the buzzing of my favorite coffee machine — and my fragrant strong double espresso is ready and I, wow, how incredibly happy. But because happiness is in the moment. There are a lot of happy moments ahead, but for now I’m following the moment of victory❤️ And I wish you a great day!

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