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Bila Tserkva
21 years
When I was a child, my mother often called me "my Princess." Every morning she combed my hair, braided pigtails, put on a beautiful dress and took me to a kindergarten. I cried and asked not to leave me with other children, but to take me with her. All the kids do it. But not all mothers say: "Karina, don’t cry, you’re the Princess, and the Princesses don’t cry." According to my mother, Princesses love everyone, care about others, help those who are weaker and inspire Princes to exploits. I don’t go to kindergarten for a long time, but I still help the weak, take care of those who need it and wait for the Prince, whom I plan to inspire all my life. For me, an invitation to participate in a beauty contest was a bit unexpected. To compete with someone for attention and voices is a little out of my nature. But I never had a crown! And the girls who take the first 3 places are awarded with crowns. So I thought: if I win a prize and get the crown, maybe the Prince will appear on the horizon also?)

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