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Bila TSerkva
41 years
Almost every woman dreams at least once in her life to take part in a beauty contest. Usually she tries to fulfill this dream in her youth. After all, this is the moment when she needs to assert herself as an individual and to feel more self-confidence as a charming woman. I take part in this contest just out of curiosity. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore. I have already taken place both as a personality and as a woman. I have a job that makes my life brighter and more exciting. Children in whom my whole life is. I have a family where everyone shares the love and care with beloved people. Friends fill my days with fun and enjoyable events. There are hobbies in my life, in particular - sports, travel, music, books. I have already managed a lot. But the dream of youth has not yet come true! It's time to take part in the beauty contest! And then - who knows ... maybe - to parachute?

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