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24 years
HELLO! I want to open my SECRET ... I think that we create ourselves, we do so much to get better .. we run, try, do so much work .. in the past, I was not like a MODEL) I was a dumpling) yes this is my secret! but one day I woke up and realized: NEW LIFE! I made my body thin and athletic, it was not easy BUT I can say that this is not the most important thing! all run for a slim figure, elastic booty, plump lips and long eyelashes!!!!! ((( but REAL BEAUTY is in your eyes, in your smile and your actions! I have been doing photography for a long time and I know that the most beautiful random photos with sincere emotions! I can say that also because I am an ARTIST I have been drawing and doing art therapy for children for a long time * and there is nothing more beautiful in the world than a smile and tenderness .. * I TAKE PART IN THE COMPETITION BECAUSE: I want to prove that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL if we are HAPPY .. and I, like the little children with whom I work, believe in a miracle on Christmas Eve! BECAUSE I AM ALSO A CHILD IN THE SOUL and this is my little dream) and dreams must come true. YES?

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